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Thousands of people have found their missing money, lost tax refunds, forgotten dividends, bank accounts, unclaimed properties and more!. Best part is this service is now 100% free of charge guaranteed.

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Relatives often forget about bank accounts, dividents, old payments from insurance companies, uncashed checks, lost tax refunds, unclaimed properties, real estate, wills and more. Don't forget to search for relatives, and lost contacts.

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Our registration is completely free of charge and you will gain access to the only one of a kind resource guide. This guide will allow you to quickly locate and claim unclaimed property that may belong to you from United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

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We helped thousands of people reunite with their lost and forgotten properties.

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Until you do a search you will never know if you have any money that is owed you you.

Each year millions of dollars are turned over to different government agency's by businesses who are unable to contact property owners. These funds may be in the form of cash, stocks, bonds, securities, insurance benefits, etc. This site will allow you to search Unclaimed Property Databases through the world to determine if they may be holding unclaimed assets belonging to you or your family or business.

Have you ever wondered what happens to bank accounts that are never closed but have been inactive for several years? Have you ever wondered if you picked up the utility deposit from your first apartment? Did you receive your last pay check from your summer job in 1990? Can you positively state that you have received and cashed all medical insurance reimbursements throughout the years? If these questions make you wonder, read on to find out if you have unclaimed property somewhere in the United States.

- A single, easy to use website to search nationally and internationally for your missing money or that of relatives and friends.